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Jun 01

Tips for obtaining a visa for Vietnam

I recently went through my first visa application process, and it was, unfortunately, not as simple or stress-free as I had imagined. Because my trip to Vietnam was planned for...

Apr 15

Tips on learning Vietnamese

I have spent four years learning Vietnamese.From my personal experience, here are a few aspects to learning a foreign language and time must be dedicated to each of these aspects of language learning.

Apr 09

Tips to rent a motobile in Vietnam

Renting a motorbike is a great opportunity to get off the beaten track and discover Vietnam on your own. That is if you are able to deal with the manic traffic...

Apr 08

Tips for travelling in Vietnam on a budget

Vietnam is a perfect place to get a mixture of city life, mountains, jungle and beaches – without breaking the bank. Accommodation is cheap, food is too, and beer?